joffrey: they know i won the war
jaime: stfu you little bitch

person: hey you have a tumblr?

me: yeah

person: what is it?

me: lol bitch idk u like dat get out my face before i stab u

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Precious is me.

Precious is me.

that one follower you reblog a lot of shit from, and you just wish you guys could become best friends, watch a whole series in one night, and eat pizza and ice cream and other fattening but delicous crap, and bawl whenever one has to leave the other. 

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Alright guys all these Rick Ross jokes can weight. 

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 I drew a beautiful picture.

somebody called Blake Lively ugly.

I’M ABOUT TO GO UP IN THEY MOTHERFUCKING HOUSE AND FUCKING show them photographs and interviews with Blake Lively, and introduce to them on how intelligent, beautiful, and lovely she is. 

  1. Camera: LG Electronics, Inc. LG RUMOR TOUCH

If I could ship all my followers to my house and have a big ass sleepover for one weekend, I would.